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The document of (the town) Mangub from the year 1642 from the collection of Hakham A. Firkovich

Let this convention be the testimony of the scandalous custom that has appeared in our community in the present-days, namely the custom where men and women are sitting together in the assemblies of the community.
This huge sin and custom of goys is a violation of the commandment Neither shalt thou covet, which is one of the banning commandments and is an attribute of immorality and of contempt with the foundations of the Torah.
Therefore, we must remove this offending custom from our midst and eradicate it completely. Men should not be assembled in one place together with the women, it does not matter if it is for dining reasons according to the Law, or dining during the feasts or dining in a time of mourning.
This convention was drawn up with the permission of the Maskils (scholars) and honoured by representatives of the community. Let them protect their Fortress and their Redeemer, who live in the town Mangub. May the Eternal protect it.
Let the Jews and their descendants adopt and fulfil this convention. Whoever will not submit to it will violate the Law and he will commit an obvious big sin.
On the sixth day of week, on the 13th day of the month of the second Adar, in the year 5402
I, Yaakov the scribe, son of the respectable Rabbi Mordechai, may his soul be bound in the bundle of life.