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Bloody allegation

The views of the local representatives of non-orthodox Christian confessions.
Today an expert opinion will be presented (to the court) on the case of Menachem Beilis1.  
The editorial board of the newspaper Utro (Moring) therefore made a survey among the representatives of non-orthodox Christian confessions on the topic of ritual murders.
And here are the answers we received:
M. L. Fenerli - Karaite Hazzan
The fundamental religious rules of our religion are not different from the
Jewish religion (ie. religion of Rabbanites, Talmudists).  If the people, who tend to believe the false accusations of ritual murders by Jews (the ritual use of human blood), deigned to look at our codes and read them, they might reveal how ridiculous it is to believe in this superstition or even to talk about it.
Our religion, which is the same as the religion of the Jews (ie. Rabbanites, Talmudists), strictly prohibits not only the ingestion of human blood, but also of the blood of animals.  The best proof of this is the fact that before we start to cook any meat dish we immerse the raw meat for half an hour in water and then we sprinkle it with a thick layer of the salt. This salt must remain on the meat for at least one hour and then the meat is again washed with water.   All this is done to ensure the removal of even the slightest amount of blood.
How then can someone speak about a ritual murder?
Source: Utro (Morning) - political, social, economic and literary journal; 15 October 1913 (№ 2110) Kharkov
1 Menachem Beilis case - the lawsuit in which the Jew Menachem Mendel Beilis was accused of the ritual murder of Andrei Yushchinskiy - the twelve year old pupil of the preparatory class of the Kiev-Sofia religious schools, which occurred on March 12.

Mordechai Eliezerovich (Lazarovich) Fenerli - since 1890, the younger Hazzan and since 1909, the older Hazzan of kenasa in Kharkiv.
Pupil of Isaac Sultanskiy.
He died in the year 1917, in Kharkov.
This text was corrected by Azriel Kowtek