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The Cossacks profess the Karaite faith (1906)

From the archive of the Karaite Spiritual Council

27th August 1906

Honorable Supreme cleric Samuil Moiseyevich!

We, the residents of (Cossack) the village Makhaylovskaya in the Cuban area, are Cossacks by origin, we profess the Karaite faith in whole and we only obey the commandments of our prophet Moses that are mentioned in the Holy Torah; we have obtained at this time permission from our great monarch to freely profess the ceremonies of our religion and we have also obtained permission to build a prayer house (kenasa) in our (Cossack) village. The construction will finish on 4th September this year and we want to sanctify it to our God .... (the local Cossacks asked for a Karaite cleric who could sanctify the kenasa, Hakham Samuil Moiseyevich Pampulov refused this request).

Solomon Stepanovich Lukyanenko