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More about the first Karaite Congress (1911)

Hazzan of Moscow M. S. Beym proposed the question: what to do in cases if some Karaite parents will not hold the circumcise ceremony (they will not circumcise their (male) children) and they will obtain birth certificates in a roundabout way - for example through the police or the district court.
The delegates (of Karaite Congress) who are attorneys explained that the police is not authorized (in no case) to issue birth certificates; in the matter of the district court, this authority decides about a record into the register of births and deaths and about issuance of a birth certificate only if is proved that this record was not registered for a fault of registrar and that parents fulfilled all required formalities; if this record was not registered for a failure of parents, the district court refuses to issue the birth certificate.
Incidentally, B. M. Sarach said that in the case that happened in Nikolaev, the court clarified that circumcision is obligatory act for Karaites and without the undergoing of this ceremony (circumcision) no male child can be registered into the register of births and deaths.